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OOC Information
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IC Information
Character Name: Anri Sonohara
Canon: Durarara!!
Character Age: 15
Timeline: Post-anime
Background: A frog went a-walkin' on a sunny day....

Personality: Shy and somewhat awkward, there isn't much to lend to Anri at first glance. She does her best to stay unattached and unaffected, putting troubling matters to the side -- not with a smile, but with a nondescript, almost bland expression. Shows of emotion do not come easy to Anri. When she's happy, you may see a small smile. When she's sad, she hunches forward and says very little. She does not like to draw attention to herself, going out of her way to avoid notice -- such as with the teacher who is always coming on to her, or when she got tricked into wearing a yukata by Kida.

Inside, Anri is very broken. Due to several years of brutal abuse -- both done to her, and witnessed of her mother -- by her father, and then witnessing her father's murder and mother's suicide as a child, Anri believes herself to be without the ability to love. This is less true than she thinks, but more true than one might expect. Anri's ability to understand and facilitate love is greatly diminished, allowing her to endure Saika's whisperings without going mad. When she does experience love, she cannot comprehend and differentiate it -- she does not understand the differences between parental love, platonic love, and romantic love.

Despite all this Anri is no wallflower. She has no difficulty spurring into action when necessary, using Saika's power and her own courage for the better. When she feels there is a debt to be repaid, she will repay it. She does not give false flattery or try to assuage people into believing what is not true, nor does she suffer delusions of others. She's very quick to tell Takashi that she despises him but she saved his life from the headless rider because of the favour he did for her, and that she has no wish to owe him anything. When Mika Harima goes missing, she does her best to search for her former friend despite the bond between them having lapsed significantly.

Anri gains a sense of peace and ease with herself toward the end of the series. This is due partly to the influence of her friends, Mikado and Kida, who have been loyal and kind to her. This is also due to a renewed understanding of her tragic childhood and the events that have brought her to the present. It's only in losing her newfound peace and tentative happiness that Anri realises she does have something worth fighting for: the friends she loves, even if it's not a love she entirely comprehends. It is through this new resolve that Anri is able to be totally badass fully utilise Saika and go after Izaya with the intent of subjugating him as one of her children, cruel as her methods may be.

Don't get confused. Anri does not fight for the sake of the world, nor are her actions guided by a overreaching and all-encompassing kindness. Anri has her own life and loves to protect and a personal peace to keep and works solely to those ends. This self-centred streak is not new, nor is Anri oblivious to it. Even when she and Mika were using each other as foils, Anri knew it and bore it with no shame. Anri's heart has been made three sizes too small and grows in inches, not in meters.

Items: Her school uniform, wallet, her miniature picture book (with Mikado, Kida, and Mika), and Saika.

Powers: Anri's main power comes from the possession of Saika, a demonic antique blade. Anri is able to extract and sheath Saika through her hand, but her eyes turn red when she invokes it. Not only is Saika used for combat, but anyone cut with Saika becomes one of its "children". Through invoking Saika, Anri can get anyone of its children to serve as her willing servant. Thanks to Saika's influence, Anri has become adept at sword combat and is very agile and quick.

Communication Stone Preference: Moonstone.

First Person Sample: E-- excuse me, [the voice speaking is both breathy and deadpan, both disaffected and tentative,] but if there's anyone know knows where I am, or how to get back home?

My... my name is Anri Sonohara, and I'd really appreciate your help...

[If her eyes are red while she's saying all this, well. It's alright, she's just looking for her children.]

Third Person Sample: Every time she unleashes Saika, it hurts. It's a swift sensation, mistakable for utter chill, like that first dip in a cold pool. The blows she's used to -- a man's fist, or maybe a curled hand, or stone and plaster against her fragile face -- are long gone, leaving this the only sort of familiarity she has with pain.

It writhes in her mind, love love love mother the strongest beat the rest find the strongest love him love him love him, and she knows enough to know it would drive any other person mad...

And maybe she did go mad, long ago.

So when she's able to whisper, "hush," and gently stroke Saika's hilt, calming the agitated weapon into tranquility, it's with the smallest of smiles.

Tomorrow Saika will go back to hurting her, but at least there's still enough of her to hurt.